About the Artist

As an established and well-respected artist, Kay Henkel has been creating sculpture for over 30 years. Her vast collection of work can be found worldwide in both private and corporate collections, as well as numerous public installations.

Kay's career as a sculptor includes noted clients such as William Demarest, Gene Hackman, Sonny Bono, William Holden's estate, and the Presidents of Togo, West Africa, China and Ireland.

Kay's remarkable talent for sculpting life like figures extends to various types of media including bronze, clay, duracast, and concrete. Having an incredible eye for detail along with an extraordinary artistic talent gives Kay the ability to bring her realistic sculptures to life.

Prior to Kay's artistic career, she spent several unusual adventurous years in Rio De Janeiro. Using notes from her diary, she has now written a book: "Welcome to Rio! Well Maybe Not...", a real-life story that's smart, funny and touching. A must read book!

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